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"For those genuinely committed to shifting behavioral outcomes in character Ed for youth, this format and quality content from Youth Under Construction has the potential to transform lives in a way theoretical modalities simply cannot. Share it with those that matter most to you and keep the change!"
Neville Billimoria, Chief Advocacy Officer
Mission Federal Credit Union
Youth Under Construction- FULL ALBUM VIDEO
Click to hear the entire Award-Winning Music Project. For visual effect, we've included some clips and slides. This video is updated from time to time- come back to view new images!
Studies show that youth are exposed to media and pop culture up to 7 hours per day. To promote healthy emotional growth, we believe that a positive music alternative is needed to create a balanced perspective for youth. YoungPop is dedicated to answer the call, to end youth depression- through positive expression…
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In Their Own Words...
Even High School Students became positively impacted by Youth Under Construciton Music
In 2009, 80 students from the Madison High dance and drama departments came together to create the musical play: "The Lyrics Moved In". Afterwards, the students talked about their experience and how they were impacted by the music and concepts of Youth Under Construction. Here is their dramatic testimonies, captured on video, including a former gang member who now "thinks about the group" instead of "doing violence and stuff like that".
Songs Content- Character Education Theme SUMMARY