Schools Program

The YOUTH UNDER CONSTRUCTION SCHOOLS PROGRAM (YUCSP) is a Multi-Component Dynamic Character Education program that uses Award-Winning music at it’s core. In less than 8 weeks, schools can expect positive behavioral transformation in their student body. For best results, we recommend the use of ALL components listed below. One of the goals of the Spring 2017 Pilot Initiative is to evaluate the program in a variety of settings. Ten schools will be chosen to run the pilot program. There are 2 Steps required to prepare for YUCSP roll-out:
A) Discuss school goals. Is there a Character Ed program currently in place? How can YUCSP integrate with what is currently in place?
B) Assign the School Site Coordinator (SSC). This is the “point of contact” for the YUCSP initiative, who will be informed a week in advance of each component. Their role is detailed below each component item. Please indicate their name and contact info.


Week 1
1) PLACE SIGNAGE- Schools will receive banners and posters, to prominently display, at the school entrance or spaces where large numbers of students congregate on a daily basis.

SSC ROLE- Meet with YUCSP rep to examine possible spaces for displaying, then place/ affix banner and posters. 

Week 2
2) PROMOTE MUSIC (Available to all students, faculty & admin via

SSC ROLE- Advise faculty at teacher’s meeting. Promote the music downloads on website via PA and classroom announcements, school newsletter and postcards provided to school. Discuss evaluation component and implementation prospects.

Week 3
3) SCHOOL-WIDE VIDEO ASSEMBLY- A DVD or online streaming opportunity will be provided to the school, in addition to introduction scripts and post-video talking points.

SSC ROLE- Coordinate with: a) Admin to set date;  b) Tech staff to set up projector and sound.

Week 4
4) PARENT GUIDES- A downloadable brief guide to help parents dialog with their kids about sensitive Character Ed-related topics- using the 10 MDYUC musical compositions.

SSC ROLE- Discuss announcement and distribution possibilities with YUCSP rep to promote the downloads via, then present same.

Week 5
5) FUNDRAISING PRODUCTS- MDYUC and YoungPop logos applied to a variety of wearables, offered to the schools at a reduced rate, creating the prospect to raise money for other school programs/ concerns. 

SSC ROLE- Discuss possibilities with YUCSP rep to promote to parents and students. The “School Store” and website are excellent options.

Week 6
6) CURRICULUM- Downloadable Character Ed Lesson Plan “Infusion Tips,” that include YUCSP concepts, made available to faculty.

SSC ROLE- Discuss distribution possibilities with YUCSP rep to promote the downloads on The monthly Faculty Meeting is an excellent option. NOTE: If desired, a third-party org. may be recommended for in or after-school programs. The "Lyric Power" program- which is NOT a "performing arts" program- uses MDYUC music (much like the PARENT GUIDE Program) and can be implemented by various faculties. 

Week 7 (NOTE- this component can be implemented up to 2 weeks prior):
7) PERFORMING ARTS PROGRAM- Schools will be offered curriculum- written guides and videos- for use in drama/ vocal or dance classes. Optional third party org(s). may be recommended.

SSC ROLE- Discuss distribution possibilities with YUCSP rep to promote the downloads and implementation.

Week 8
8) FINAL EVALUATION- School-wide promotion, directing student back to website to complete the evaluation and receive acknowledgement for doing so.

SSC ROLE- Discuss possibilities with YUCSP rep to promote the evaluation. Arrange for possible "You Stand Out!" Awards acknowledment for students, faculty and admin. at the next school-wide assembly.