Award-Winning Character Education Products and Services for Youth

MISSION: End depression among youth through positive self-expression

YoungPop is an organization based in San Diego, California. Since 1992, we’ve successfully harnessed the power of pop culture and media to produce nationally multi-award-winning productions which have created behavioral transformation in hundreds of youth and families.

YOUTH UNDER CONSTRUCTION: Where Quality Character Education meets FUN!

Students of all ages are “hooked in” to media and pop culture. In 2003, the audio music project,
“Youth Under Construction v1.0” was produced in Detroit, MI. The music attracted and inspired hundreds of youth and their families to engage in live presentations, including hundreds of school assembly presentations. Curriculum was developed for in and after-school programs incorporating the performing arts.


YoungPop’s YOUTH UNDER CONSTRUCTION Project-Where Quality Character Education meets FUN!
Project co-producer David “MelloD” Sawicki states:
Growing up in Metro Detroit at the age of 9, I was hearing songs that did not destroy my innocence. The “peace and love” movement was in full swing, however, the music of Motown and the pop songs of that day did not go into explicit detail about sex, drugs and violence, or other age-inappropriate topics. Catchy tunes with a joyful tone became my refuge.
Years later, in my adult life, I began working with youth, about the same time “gangster rap” music started gaining huge momentum in pop culture. I became concerned, motivated and dedicated to create a “positive alternative” that promoted empowering messages for youth. I have watched the results of this effort make significant changes in entire families! This inspires me to continue and expand the efforts to reach youth everywhere, so they too can experience the same hope and joy.
When I met my wife Lisa in 1993, she instantly joined my mission. She continues to co-produce and promote YoungPop products and services as well as keynote speaking, performing and event emcee. She also offers individual and group
Coaching Sessions.
David “Mello-D” Sawicki and Lisa Sawicki,
Project co-producers